How You Can Provide Your Service in These Categories on Fiverr

Article Writing:

A skill that doesn’t require much learning. Because you already have enough experience. Many of your friends fill in extra sheets of paper. And most of them, you know. What stories did they write? Many friends are like that. That those who do not even know. He is also a good writer. If you want to see if you have a Writer hidden inside. So you start writing on Facebook. Your friends will appreciate and critique your writing, and your reactions to it will further enhance your abilities.

How do you Post a Service on Fiver:

There are a large number of unemployed educated in our society. You will have many friends and acquaintances in front of you. Those who have done MA in English but will be worried about the job. What a good thing if you give them article writing advice. Sisters in our house who’s English and grammar are very good. But the conditions of their home remain poor. The family is living in poverty mill. They cannot work outside the house. And many students spend on their own education. Online earning, especially article writing for them, is nothing short of a gift. And that is unemployment and poverty is not a matter of two houses. This is an example of thousands of homes.

Is Fiver Good for Writers:

A small article is sold on any topic for $ 300 to $ 500 for a customer for $ 15. Some customers who want to write a book on any topic are also willing to pay $ 100 ($ 10,000) for the whole book. Writing an article also takes an hour and a maximum of two hours. And the article is written in at least twenty minutes.

For article writing, the customer asks you to write on any topic. And you search Google and find out about this topic and write about it in your own words. This is the simplest method. Look at three or four articles and summarize the important paragraphs and key points in your own words.

What to write article and Blog Writing?

You will find thousands of articles on this particular topic on Google. And there are many websites where people write about every topic. Wikipedia, wiki how, eZen article, e-haw, luminous hub, hub pages. So are popular websites where there are treasures of numerous articles.

Article Writer is very important in the present era. Because almost every website and website builder needs an article writer. Professional bloggers have placed ten articles for their blogs on Article Writer or on a monthly basis. Some online booksellers also write articles from Article Writer. Instead, you can write a book on your own and submit it for sale on websites such as Amazon.

You can create an account on the following websites to provide article writing services.

  • Iver
  • –

In addition, there are many such news, magazine sites. It gives you over $ 300 a month for your articles. There are about 37 such websites. Which gives you half a dollar to $ 25 on a guest post. You can find all those websites and more information about them at the link below.

Even understand. You do not bring flowers with joy. And accept orders. Later on, sometimes they try to get help from one another. And the Experts are not free to complete that task separately and at full time with free time. If it does not work, then do outsourcing. Distribute this task with the percentage of the developers. But please do not do it yourself. The downside is that customer work, and the website will be damaged. And this and your time will be wasted. The order will be canceled as well. And your ranking will be affected as well.

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