How to start a marketing agency?

There is a Chinese proverb: “A person who is not happy, he should not open a shop.” We have a situation that if our business is not running, then we will add Quranic verses and verses to blessings. And if the business starts to run, it will be extremely rude or extremely disrespectful to the customers, especially the younger ones. Remember well some of the principles mentioned to start a business and continue it successfully. *

  • Do not start a business by borrowing at all, but first, save some and then invest. Starting a loan with a loan is not a successful experience.
  • Do not take money on interest in trade, because attention is not a blessing. Interest is a declaration war against Allah and His Messenger.
  • Don’t invest all the money because it takes some time to build and grow a business, but it often takes years, until you have the money to spend on your household.
  • No matter what the business does, it’s essential to have experience. Work for it in a factory or shop, or opt-in. From this, you will know the vital things that are hidden in work. Many of our brothers make money in the Gulf countries for a lifetime but start any business without any experience, and as a result, they spend all their money. ۔
  • Don’t start a business by seeing or seeing the words of others. Trade what you have experienced and are attracted to.
  • Do any business, always start small. Then try to develop it gradually.
  • Try to do the smallest of your factory and shop work even if the employee is not there, so you never have to worry about their accidental absence.
  • Appreciate the old employees and share the sophistication in their sadness. This will help you to benefit from their experience for more days.
  • Be primarily motivated by small customers, even if a customer does not buy the goods, thank him for coming to your shop. If there is space, arrange for watering. Small customers who come with the customers Give chocolate candy. These little things are a way to win people over and bring them closer.
  • If the goods are genuinely defective, do not make excuses but replace them. ل Be unique in your work, unlike others in others. Like: If you are tailor-made, just add a nice button to the clothes, without the customer. When you run a tea stall, add cardamom and ginger to the tea. If the kitchen is a hotel, make a nice sauce with food. You can establish your identity even with the most modest spending.
  • Pay attention to quality overpacking.
  • Build friendly relationships with your peers, stay in touch with them. It is commonly seen that people are competitive and jealous of the professional trader, which is very harmful.
  • Study newspapers daily, monitor business conditions.
  • Don’t make claims and promises that exceed your potential; prematurely, work is done better than expected quality and lower than fixed cost leads to customer satisfaction and your success.
  • Do business on pure Islamic principles and make the next world and your goods even better. Pay just the right amount and protect your business through charity. By selling products, the money is saved, but the blessings end. With this “knock,” SCS offers its services to keep the business in line with Islamic principles.

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