How marketing and entrepreneurship is correlated?

When I did some research on this topic, I learned that the best solution to reduce the unemployment rate in the eyes of experts around the world is to start an entrepreneurship.

We need to change the mindset of our Pakistani youth instead of waiting for the government to create new employment opportunities so that they shift their focus to “business” rather than “job,” ie, job. Instead of searching, try to become a jobber.

I am well aware that it is not possible for every person who reads this article to do “entrepreneurship” but I believe that if two out of thousands of readers have even succeeded with this idea, it would be great for me. Is a success, and can create jobs for hundreds of other people.

Pakistani job market situation:

The majority of young people in our country start looking for jobs after getting an education. When they go to the job market, they find it difficult to find a job because unemployment rates are high due to Pakistan’s poor economic conditions (and numerous other reasons).

Entrepreneurship required:

We need entrepreneurs to reduce the unemployment rate in Pakistani society. We have to think and decide if we can only produce business, management, engineering, commerce or computer science specialists, then where will all of them get the job?

If our universities were to create an entrepreneur engineer instead of just producing engineers, it would reduce the unemployment rate in the country. Because they will create jobs. We need to create business aspirations for young people:

Our young class is very intelligent and has immense potential. Many countries in the world admire Pakistani Youth, but the reason why our Youth is beating is not to travel in the right direction.

It is my personal observation that the work that our young people are supposed to do; they do it very well. Pakistani youth in hard work, perseverance, and intelligence are no less than the youth of other countries in the world.

The importance of passion for entrepreneurship:

I think money is the key to the success of entrepreneurship. Money, manpower, skills, education, etc. are used as tools. They are not of primary importance. But if you do not have the passion you need to succeed, you cannot succeed despite the investment, education, skills, workforce.

What is the reason that a bank/finance company lends to an entrepreneur for their project or partner with it? So they have all the details of this prepared project. Not only do they realize this but they are convinced that the plan is workable and in some years their investment will return to their original gold + profit. And it turns out that the entrepreneur will benefit most from this project. So why don’t they follow the plan themselves?

The reason is that banks/finance companies can do better planning, the capital they already have, the manpower or the raw materials available in the market, but what they lack is the success. Passion Since they do not have passionate people, they fear failure and investors usually do not take the risk.

How to get passion:

Passion, desire, desire, desire, desire is automatically created within man. This is the fire that is essential to the success of any human being. I think creating it within someone else is a very difficult and almost impossible task. It is not available in the market to buy and use from a medical store. Yes, if the fire of passion is slow within a person, then the amount can be increased.

One way is to study the success stories of successful people. There are also plenty of audio/video lectures on this topic on social media, including lectures by psychologists Dr. Sadaqat Ali and Qasim Ali Shah. Apart from this, there are many books on the subject in English in the market, while translations and self-written books of famous English books are also available in Urdu. I have found Dale Carnegie, Stephen R. Covey, Dr. Robert H. Schiller to be very useful in English or Urdu translation, and Dr. Arshad Javed’s books in Urdu.

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